By Chris Buchanan • October 8, 2018

What to Know Heating Oil in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a notoriously cold state. Located in the far northeast, NH has grueling winters, and it's important for the people who live their to properly heat their home. If you're a NH resident, you may heat your home using gas or electric heat. One other popular way to heat NH homes is with heating oil. If you're a resident of NH and you heat your home with heating oil, you may be interested in learning more about heating oil in the state, as well as tracking typical NH oil prices. Read on to find out more about heating oil in New Hampshire, and how you can arrange for heating oil in your home so that it's the most affordable and the least taxing on the environment.

The Basics of Heating Oil in New Hampshire


About 45 percent of homes across the state of New Hampshire use heating oil to provide heating to their homes. Heating oil is fuel oil that is burned to create heat via a furnace or boiler. The most common type of fuel oil burned in homes is called home heating oil. It is similar to both kerosene and automotive diesel fuel, like the kind that powers trucks and generators.

New Hampshire's Environmentally Friendly Heating Oil


Recently, laws were changed in the state to ensure that the heating oil that's used in homes is more environmentally friendly than previously. Some of the new regulations include laws that:

  • Ensure that only ultra-low sulfur fuel is imported into the state, since diesel fuel can let off sulfer when it's burned, and sulfur can cause health problems if breathed in by humans.
  • Commercial buildings will not be able to burn anything but low-sulfer heating fuel oil starting on February 1, 2019
  • Commercial buildings that get heating oil deliveries should get "delivery tickets" from their heating oil companies that show that the heating oil has the proper sulfur limits.

Homeowners in NH won't be subject to the same regulations. However, if you're a resident that gets home heating oil deliveries, you should check with your heating oil company to make sure that the heating oil that you're being delivered is also ultra-low sulfur.

Tracking NH Oil Prices


One thing that many NH residents like to track if they use heating oil to heat their home is NH oil prices. Oil prices across the state vary regularly. The factors that can influence NH oil prices include seasonal demand and international events. NH oil prices can also be affected by other costs that oil companies choose to include with home heating oil delivery, like administrative fees or delivery fees.

Before NH residents choose a home heating oil provider to work with, they can do research into the additional costs that the company will add to the base price of the oil. That way, they can choose the company that will be most affordable for them.

NH residents may also look into heating oil companies that offer different pricing plans. Some companies will offer a market price plan, where you can pay whatever the cost of oil actually is the day you get it delivered. Others offer a fixed price plan, where you pay a set cost throughout the entire year.

Tips for Heating NH With Heating Oil

If your NH home uses heating oil for heating, there are some important steps you can take to ensure you're heating your home in the best way possible.

First, make sure you keep all windows and doors closed during the winter. This will ensure that your space is heating properly and you're not allowing any of the heated air to escape. Next, make sure you get a furnace tune up every year. By getting your furnace tuned up or maintained annually, you can ensure that it is working as properly and efficiently as possible. Finally, fill up your oil tank during the summer, even if you're not using any heating during the season. Oil prices drop during the summertime when people are using their air conditionings to cool down their spaces. By filling up your oil tank in the summer, you can take advantage of the lowest prices possible, which will quickly rise as the New Hampshire winter arrives.

NH residents who heat their homes with heating oil can benefit from learning about heating oil in the state. Not only can a better understanding of NH heating oil help them ensure they're getting the best NH oil prices available, but it can also help them ensure that they're heating their homes in the most efficient way possible and that they're taxing the environment as little as possible.

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