By Chris Buchanan • December 16, 2019

Hear Her Roar:  The Softer Side of Home Energy

December, 16th, 2019 Slick Energy, Inc., a Massachusetts-based energy company, is pleased to announce the recent hire of Nancy Marshall, who will join the Slick Energy team as Director, Corporate Relations and Social Responsibility. In the newly created role, Marshall will be responsible for the creation and implementation of the company's social responsibility​objectives and will assist the company in developing and managing social impact outreach efforts. 

“I was attracted by the company's mission to innovate and the commitment that PJ and Chris have to fundamentally reshape the energy industry through technology and predictive analytics, ” Marshall said. “Slick’s understanding of corporate philanthropy and service, coupled with an authentic commitment to the communities they serve, aligns with my vision of what corporate social responsibility looks like for a rapidly growing company in the digital age. It’s no surprise that Slick Energy has hit a nerve with consumers and is seeing an influx of customers and explosive growth.” 

Marshall comes to Slick Energy with considerable CSR and nonprofit experience. Marshall’s firm, InKind|csr, specializes in designing and implementing CSR initiatives for SMEs. This background has helped Marshall transition into her current position with Slick Energy. 

“With Slick, I apply my skills and interests--communications and social impact--to everything I do. Purpose and profit can co-exist. PJ and Chris are committed to this premise, so this partnership is a perfect fit.” 

Most recently, Marshall helped Slick identify its three social impact areas and funding priorities: Education & Kids, Veterans/Military Families, and Housing/Food Insecurity. She has been charged with the ongoing development of Slick Energy’s philanthropic arm, The Slick Degrees Foundation, and the company’s direct service initiatives. 

“Nancy brings such a fresh perspective to an industry that has been generally male-dominated and somewhat entrenched in its old-school roots. People have increasingly been more aware of their everyday decisions and are getting behind brands in all sectors that affect their lives. Home heating oil and energy should be no different. Environmental concerns are top-of-mind now more than ever. In addition to revolutionizing the way people source their home energy needs...we are extremely excited to go one step further and help a little more where we can,” says Co-Founder PJ Solomon.