By Chris Buchanan • October 15, 2018

Why an Oil Furnace is the Best Investment for Heating Your Home

Why an Oil Furnace is the Best Investment for Heating Your Home


If you are thinking of changing your home heating, building a new home, or simply looking for ideas on making the right investment, there are a few things you should know about an oil furnace and why it is best.
An oil furnace uses heating oil to generate its own source of heat. It then distributes and circulates this heat throughout your home and is an ideal solution for those who live in colder climates where a heat pump won't work if the temperature outside is freezing.

Investment Price

One of the major concerns for many people when it comes to heating their home finding an affordable option. As compared to a heat pump, you are looking at between a $500 - 1000 difference with the oil furnace being the cheaper option.
According to Home Advisor:
The average national price of an oil furnace is approximately a little over $4000. For example, an Armstrong brand oil furnace is around $1360 and $4640 after installation; this is the lower price. A Trane oil furnace is around $2300 with a price of $6872 after installation.
While it all depends on the brand you get as well as your local installation professional, this is lower than a heat pump which has an average price of up to $5000 with installation according to HVAC.

A Clean Fuel Option

According to Oil and Energy Online:
Competing fuels harm the environment in ways that oil heat does not. Natural gas production and distribution causes untold damage to the environment from emissions of raw methane, which is the primary ingredient of natural gas. Methane is 84 times as powerful as carbon dioxide in fueling global climate change. Oil heat also has an environmental advantage over firewood, which generates particulates when it burns that can cause serious respiratory problems.
It is also a renewable resource as well as the clean fuel option.

The Pros of an Oil Furnace

There are many other reasons to choose an oil furnace to help keep you warm when it's freezing outside.

No Destructive Leaks

If a boiler leaks then you have water in your home but a furnace only leaks air.

No Freezing

Along with you not freezing in the winter, a furnace has no water which means that you won't have to worry about frozen pipes. With heating pipes, if there is a long period of a power outage or in extreme freezing temperatures, they can freeze and then possibly burst.

Faster Installation

With a boiler, the installation is much harder and can take days but a furnace is easier to install and can be done in just a few hours.

Lower Price

As notated, the cost of a furnace is much lower than boiler due to their commonality. In some cases, a furnace may save you up to half the money that a boiler will cost to buy and have installed.

Making the Switch

As you can see, there are a myriad of reasons why an oil furnace is the best investment for your home if you live in areas that have extremely low temperatures. Whether you are focusing on the cost or the other benefits - it makes sense to choose an option that has clean, renewable resources, costs less, and will ensure that you stay warm and toasty no matter how cold it gets.